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Exposed first time in India by our webmedia research

Recent Update Note: Many of the pages that we have hyperlinked to their site is removed and show error messages! Smart after so many days! - Chella, Dt 06. July, 2006

In just a few hyperlinks! They dont deserve more explainations!

1. [March 31st 2006] All started here ( I wrote this in my blog on seeing a news in Dinamalar ... a paper published in Tamilnadu ... not suspecting much.

2. [April] Joined orkut community for studying online behaviours of Indian Youths wrt my research on Webmedia.

3. Went to a 5000 strong community called LOK Paritran where they are discussing politics of the IITians Party, the only hope for India.

4. Done a research on their site ( forget that they can not manage the site well ( images were not loading till now in IE in the menu's but they are going to manage the entire country! )

5. I already told in the blog about their quote in Rigveda and the symbol of axe ( Lord Parasuram's Weapon .. he is the protector of Brahmins! So do these Brahmins want to finish the Kshatriya's .. the present rulers with their axe symbol?! This group should have been inspired by the film yuva and also by the TV serial Mahabharatha ! Real IIT Kids, still living in the fantacy world )

6. When I raised questions about their crazy ideology ( Non of those 5000 members can explain what it meant to them ! Poor political Kids.

Reality is a continuum. Knowledge system, in shortest, is fragmentation imposed upon the continuum of reality. Fragmentation is always a necessity for understanding of the unknown. Every fragment in the knowledge system becomes a construct or an entity that is defined in the knowledge system. This very fact shows that different knowledge systems can be build on the same reality based on different possibilities and patterns of fragmentation.


Entities are abstraction and should not be viewed as objects or elements as such, but patterns residing over continuum of reality, or in physical world, over continuum of material. So, the structure of knowledge system that is built over the patterns or entities will have a continuum of the levels of abstraction.

and so on ....

They are laughing at Vijayakanth Fans!LOL! ( Read the criticism from my friend Freddy M Ramachandran a free thinker. Also read the criticism of blogger Ganesh Ramachandran )

7. When I talked about dravidian ideology and Periyar EVR, one fellow called him ass, then I lost my cool and shouted back at them and the heat become uncontrolable and so I left on knowing that they are going to ban me without answering even one of my doubts.

(Note: Yesterday - May 13 Dr Kalangar M Karunanithi sworned as the new CM. Ask anyone in the media... where he went first before sworning in ... Went to Anna Samaathi.. no .. first respect always reserved for Thanthai Periyar )

8. But something got my mind. Who are behind these unsuspecting kids. They know only that Lokparithran was against all forms of corruptions and the founder was an IIT graduate, Double masters in US etc etc. So as if it is their new found AGP ( Assam youth party started by students and formed government ) for the country, to make it one of the super power in the world )

9. I was wondering from their name ( Paritraanaaya Sadhunaam - Gita ), symbols parasuram axe, rigveda quote, founder is a Purohit and the chief advicer Santhana Gopalan Vasudev .... really my mind remembered some of the Periyar's quotes! So went deep and found their real colour!

No one ( except me ) supected it seems... about their communal nature and even papers like Hindu, which is bit always inclined towards verification, never bothered it seems. So they have hidden well behind their IIT and US masters Degrees. So escaped the eyes of the common man. They all thought that they are really a fantastic alternative for the BJP and CONGRESS and testing their water in TN, a hotbed of Dravidian Politics. When I was deep searching in the web for the founder Tanmay Raj Purohits US life and his political inclinations ( No one in the world doubted it seems!LOL! ) I found a shocking link that exposed him as a hindutva fanatic .. See the second posting which says "The speaker (purohit ) analyzes the ideological defeat of Pseudo-secularists on the FUD front, and advocates Hindutva Ideology to occupy the centrist space in the political spectrum." I never mind if it was said so in their party Ideology.

To make my point louder, I am going to show many media links... have they said their Hindutva Centric Ideology anywhere?... I leave it to the readers and the media houses to judge whether they have come out with an open or hidden agenda.
  4. Their own press release
The last hyper link in supposed to be used to tell their ideology to the media. But see, in all the posts have they ever told that Hindutva Ideology is their ( founders) Ideology? But these guys are playing with media by hiding the truth ans also with the life of unsuspecting youths, even many from other religions who think that he has started this party to free india from corrupted politicians. When I contacted a few of their VOLUNTEERS they simply said... these IITans have no political connections with any party or communal forces and hence they joined the LP.

When I contacted one of the party functionary I asked him "what is your policy on reservations?" (though I knew !LOL). He said they are against reservation and their policy will be updated soon in their site. I asked why it is not posted in the site clearly? He could not give a valid reply!

One of my online friend, a Tamil web activist from Chicago chatted with me in Yahoo IM and gave me a hint. He told me "I think this Tanmay Raj Purohit might be inspired by both Savarkar and Subhash Chandra Bose!". WoW. Forward Bloc and Hindutva. Why not Nazi's? By the way I got a similar info from my Rajasthan activist told me that there was a plan of NAZI SWASTHIK symbol in their Lok Parithran FLAG.

Our related findings on our web research to substantiate their hidden agenda ... read the last pargraph highlighted in Red. So we asume that Mr Tanmay Raj Purohit must be doing what the prev leaders visualized in early thirties.

British reports had highlighted that from 1927, B. S. Moonje, an RSS co-founder was inspired to model the RSS on Fascist and Nazi movements (M. Casolari, ‘Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: archival evidence’, Economic & Political Weekly, 22 January 2000.)

In 1931, Moonje visited Fascist Italy and met with Mussolini, by whom he was extremely impressed. Of the Fascist Balilla movement, which organized military training and fascist indoctrination of young boys, Moonje said: The Balilla institutions and the conception of the whole organization have appealed to me the most…The whole organization is conceived by Mussolini for the military regeneration of Italy, Italians, by nature, appear ease-loving and non-martial, like the Indians generally. They have cultivated, like Indians, the work of peace and neglected the cultivation of the art of war. Mussolini saw the essential weakness of his country and conceived the idea of the Balilla organization…India and particularly Hindu India need some such institution for the military regeneration of the Hindus…Our institution, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh of Nagpur under Dr Hedgewar is of this kind, though quite independently conceived. I shall spend the rest of my life developing and extending this institution of Dr Hedgewar all throughout Maharashtra and other provinces. (Moonje quoted in M. Casolari, ‘Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: archival evidence’, Economic & Political Weekly, 22 January 2000, page 220.)

The Italy visit inspired Moonje to promote these ideas among Hindus in Maharashtra and begin the organization of Hindu youth movements based on this fascist model. This included a conference on Fascism and Mussolini’s political thought in 1934, presided by RSS founder K. B. Hedgewar and at which Moonje spoke. (M. Casolari, ‘Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: archival evidence’, Economic & Political Weekly, 22 January 2000.)

…unless we have our own swaraj with a Hindu as a dictator like Shivaji of old or Mussolini or Hitler of present day Italy and Germany…But this does not mean that we have to sit with folded hands until some such dictator arises in India. We should formulate a scientific scheme and carry on propaganda for it.

(Moonje quoted in M. Casolari, ‘Hindutva’s foreign tie-up in the 1930s: archival evidence’, Economic & Political Weekly, 22 January 2000, page 221.)

To know, why we are doubting. the LP founder member and Treasurer Chandrashekar S Raj's Interview to a magazine and his answers regarding Democracy! Again I leave it to the reader to judge.


( Source: )

“Paritrana means complete relief from the various causes of distress, and that is what we want to do for our people’’.

Who would have by now not heard of LokParitran, earlier known as Paritrana, the national party formed by 5 passionate IITians who gave up handsome pay packages, lucrative jobs, comfort of family and support of friends to follow their inner voice which told them that 'they should invest their efforts in the country rather than making their pockets heavier'.

The core team of “LokParitran' ' comprises

  • Tanmay Rajpurohit, the national president of the party and B Tech in aerospace from IIT Bombay followed by an MS from GeorgiaTech and double masters in arts
  • Ajit Shukla B. Tech.(Mechanical Engg) IIT Bombay & M.Tech.(Mechanical Engg) IIT Bombay
  • Amit Beesen, also the vice president and a B Tech (Mechanical) from IIT Bombay and a LLB graduate
  • Chandrashekhar (national treasurer), B Tech (computer science) from IIT Kanpur
  • Bharat Sundaram, the PRO of the party and B Tech from IIT Kanpur and PhD in electronics from Melbourne

The national treasurer of the party Chandrashekar S Raj answered some of the questions a few of us had posed from Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab (HTSL) e-zine Xpressions:

1. Could you please give some details on how Paritran happened. Were you all having a similar vision right from your IIT days ?

Ans. An informal group of youngsters was formed two and a half years ago with the understanding that degeneration of society and increase in suffering at the collective level are the order of the day despite the immense potential of the country and its people. The gap between what is said and what is done is widening day by day. Everyone talks about possibilities but no one acts. Something has to be done, and somebody has to do it.

After much effort in trying to collaborate with existing organizations and apparently concerned people for implementing our plans for development in key areas like public health, education, and the economy, we came to realize the intellectual bankruptcy and the inherently corrupt nature of the existing setup, and the inherent interconnectedness of all the issues facing society and the impossibility of partial solution.

As party President Tanmay Rajpurohit, who holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Mumbai and double masters degrees from the US, says, this party has been founded for the purpose of bringing about a fundamental change in the System, which, riddled with corruption and inefficiencies, has become the sole reason of distress to the people. Initiative was to get a foothold in the Indian political arena, which is so slippery because of the accumulated filth that we intend to clean.

2. What catalysed the final step - what made you leave your earlier professions for politics ?

Ans. Years of work in obscurity and the setbacks faced by the group wore out the will and hope of many of the rank and file of the group. Many joined and many deserted over the time. Finally the group decided to sever its existing connections with the other structural setups and work completely on its own. The problems faced by Mr. Tanmay Rajpurohit in the field, who left his PhD in Economics in the US to further the plans of the group in rural areas, and the response of the corrupt system left the group with two choices abandon its goals, or go all the way. Paritrana is the result of the decision of the remnant of the membership of the group to go all the way long..

3. How do you plan to handle coalition politics and its inherent contradictions,
which is the order of the day ?

Ans. We will not go for coalition and we plan to handle it straight forwardly, that is if it becomes necessary for the greater objective. We are well aware of the pitfalls of the tendency to compromise the global possibilities in favor of temporary gain.

4. Based on your strategy document are you saying NGOs and social activists are not effective? Can you clarify.

Ans. I think it is explained in the same document. “The reforms at lower levels that are somehow achieved by efforts at the individual or the microscopic group level are either shallow or compartmentalized and soon their effects get eroded due to the interconnectivity of the entire setup. The overall system, the social setting, the mindset of people, these require a fundamental structural change for it to be of any value. Accomplishments that are at a lower level, or are partial in nature, in the absence of any sustaining mechanism, will only be compromised over time by the flow of degeneration from the top. The overall setting has come to a point where sustained effective change in a positive direction is possible only by structured efforts at the top level.”

5 With the economy growing at 7-8% is your party's view to continue with the liberalization and privatization or would you go against the disinvestment policies - the route that the left parties are demanding; though they follow the exact opposite in Bengal etc.

Ans. In Policy document (coming soon on the website ).

6 Your message to people who want to join your party.

Ans. There is a lot to tell, a lot to learn and understood. Hold on hope and have a degree of perseverance, it pays off! Be open in understanding and firm on the decisions! Learn to trust your instincts rather than this one or that one! A lot depends on you how this party will take shape and form and what EXACTLY and how much of it the party can achieve!

7 You claim that only the great traditions of golden Bharatvarsha can transform the country into a prosperous and powerful nation. However there were several wrong traditions in our country which were discriminating against various sections of society like woman, lower castes etc. What is your take on these ?

Ans. I think simplicity has lost its position. I said “great traditions”, and if you think that the traditions you are referring to, has anything to do with greatness than …... is there anything more to say?

8 You want to make India a self-proclaimed "Jagadguru" - doesn’t that sounds very boastful and colored with a superiority complex.

Ans. It just sounds what it sounds. If it sounds boastful and filled with superiority COMPLEX to someone than that’s what it sounds for HIM. This seems to be a world where praise is flattery, pointing out shortcomings is criticism, accepting the quality and ability of oneself is superiority COMPLEX, accepting ones shortcomings is inferiority COMPLEX, giving due value to oneself is narcissist COMPLEX, and I’m fed of COMPLEX world. That’s why I say SIMPLE, SIMPLE and again SIMPLE. ( Chella's comment: See how simple is their Ideology , read the criticism by a popular blogger Badri in plain vanilla language.. simple simple simple .. so that even a common man can understand )

9 Can you please elaborate on these lines of your agenda:
To modernize India’s force structure and defense doctrine.
To adopt a "practical" foreign policy for India.

Ans. Policy Document is on the way. In a day or two a bit more elaboration on the website is forthcoming.

10 You have quoted in your ideology The simplicity and wisdom of the glorious past is lost in the complexities of "pseudo intellectualism" and "pointless debates" on "petty issues", all of which are at a lower level of abstraction.

Apart from your theories do you mean to say all other theories and ideologies are "pseudo intellectualism". Please clarify this

Why the "debates are pointless" ? Debate is an inevitable process in democracy. Are you suggesting unquestionable ideologies and practices which are a sufficient sign of fascism

Some issues may be petty for you but very important for many people. Who will decide about "pettiness" of an issue. Are you suggesting you will be the sole decision maker of deciding this. This is again against the very principles of democracy

Ans. I’m not suggesting that I’m the sole decision maker on the pettiness of issues; it’s in the instincts that make you feel the pettiness issues-if it is petty. YES there are petty issues being debated on, again and again and again with no work being done! I’m not going to enumerate a lot of issues being debated in Indian politics that are petty, if you yourself can’t see at least some of them. People have developed tendency to debate and justifying their inaction. What should be the ultimate motive? Than debate on that! What should be the foreign policy with the new countries formed? And debate on that. If some issues are not petty for a lot of people and fundamentally important in their lives than the one who will ignore them will pay its price and if some issues ARE PETTY and being debated again and again to waste time than one will pay its price as well and that’s what India as a nation is paying.

11 Your website gives me a feeling that you want to establish a monarchy in India based on a very rigid ideology which you think will be people friendly monarchy and nobody should challenge those ideologies/governing principles, no debates and then India will act as a big brother/ultimate preacher for whole world

Ans. I can’t do anything to what people feel. Content there is on the website and YOU get some ideas about monarchy, rigidity, big brother!! I don’t know how or why? Why so much of fear psychosis? Can YOU elaborate?

Now see one more doubt
His email in that link we exposed said "The speaker ( PUROHIT) analyzes the evolution of Indian politics and measures its impact on the social psyche of the Hindus. The speaker is a Ph.D.student in Economics. [Contact E-Mail:]" and we traced the then and got this banner and that is all we have to say now. The banner discribes their intention at that time. So we need your explaination for the all those young volunteers thinking that you dont have any prev political inclinination and they know that you are just IITian and Double masters and not double tongued.

So every parent of this unsuspect, nation loving youths should not be a victim of a hidden agenda and hence this research and we dont have anything against a new party like LP. Now it is for them to come openly to remove our fears in their website. If they come openly with any agenda then we never mind whether it is Hindutva or Communism or Forward Block!

That is all we have to say. We leave the rest to the Leaders of Lok Parithran, People of Tamilnadu and the entire India and the media which hailed them as the NEW HOPE! No more to say.

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Balaji said...

Did it ever occur to you that the expose that you speak of is not an expose at all.

1) We don't know for sure if it is the same person.

2) Even if we assume that it was him for the sake of argument, I find nothing wrong in him talking about Pseudo secularism in India. Secularism is all about equality of oppurtunity. Does that sort of secularism exist in India? why are there quota systems and reservations?

If you take reservation issue and try to justify with Varna sharma, I can only say that one wrong cannot be corrected by another wrong. It is nobody's fault if he is born a bramin or a scheduled caste and should not be vindicated for faults his ancestors did.
The brand of pseudo secularism is not favoring minorities also. Shah Banu alimony case in the 1980's is a typical case in point. I shall not eloborate on it as much has already been written about. you can find it on the internet. There is also the recent divorce case in Uttrapradesh where a person seems to have "Talak Talak Talak" in his sleep and his wife was declared as divorced.

My point is, a person should not be judged by his birth. You must not forget that the most vociferous defenders for the oppressed class like Barathiyar, Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Periyar come from the so called forward communities.

Though people have moved away from professions that thier castes once imposed on them, thier caste label does not go away because it is being nurtured by means of reservations. India is the only nation where people fight to be classified as "backward" this can only stop by changing the quoto system from its present form. The reservation are used as a card in elections. Politicians will keep using it for vote bank politics.

3)I know this comment will not be published in your website. I hope this has made you think. I also would like to add a personal point. By browsing your websites, I find you involved in lot of constructive activities like making web media popular with people. If you want to make a point, please shed your anti- Bramhin, anti-Hindi image. Both have lost its relevence in todays India, atleast with today's youth. Also donot resort to intimidatory activities like calling people, leaving nasty scraps and cornering them using profile information. This can only work against you. I wish you luck with your neobusiness, shared content activities and please carry on popularising webmedia project to people.

Vijay Krishna said...

Firstly, I think you've confused the concept of Hinduvta and Hindu nationalism.

For someone to be inspired by religion is NOT wrong. If you want everyone to disregard religion, my friend, I'm sorry, but you need to refresh your concepts of religion.

As specific to LP, of course, they are a new party, so they cannot print a 50-page manifesto promising a hundred freebies. Their intention, if I'm correct, is to provide a credible alternative to the established parties.

Moreover, if touting Hindutva is wrong, then what about the so-called secular parties in India? How are they any better? Doesn't every party have a caste-based vote-bank? Neither the "enlightened" Dravidian parties nor any national party worth the name can you give as an example. Come election time, it is all about Thevar vote, Kallar vote, Vanniyar vote; in the North, it is about OBC vote, Yadav vote, forward-caste vote. It is LP's success that they have not campaigned on such basis.

Finally, your analogy for the axe, being a weapon of Parasuram is totally, utterly ridiculous. If I extend the same, then Suriyan represents Karna in Hindu mythology. And he was an Aryan. How can DMK, the party of the Dravidians, have an Aryan symbol?

Paurna said...

make this clear for me.Are you trying to say they are wicked and evil just because they believe in hinduism?I am not a LP supporter.But your post really seems to be in a sort of time wrap.

Arvind said...


I get a feeling you are an atheist anti-brahmin person. You must be a hardcore dravidian who thinks all brahmins are aryans who conquered India and took over dravidians. Fine. Thats your opinion and I have no comments on it. You have chosen Lok Paritran for the sole purpose of criticizing and imposing your anti-hindutva ideas. But I have a few questions to ask.

1. Aren't you being entirely one sided on this issue. If Lok Paritran is pro-hindutva, isn't Congress being pro-muslim? Why aren't you commenting on Congress's pro-muslim stance? And I dare you do it. You know the consequences of being a Muslim critic.

2. I saw the questions you had asked Chandrashekar S Raj. You seem to have read their strategy document, literally. For god's sake, it is just a document. If you are so sreious about what is written and documented, you may have to ask a lot of questions to a lot of people. But why you chose to pick on LP is still a mystery.

3. Why do you have to talk so much even before they are into action? You gave a chance to dynasty politicians (two of them) who literally nurtured corruption. You gave a chance to an ever-angry, arrogant and stubborn lady who was always keen on getting her opponents into as much trouble as possible. So why dont you give these guys a chance? What else can they take away from this country?

Looking forward to your reply. You can mail me.


Suderman said...

Pretty well studied examination that...
but I guess you did not consider the possibility of some of them having worked for another party, realised its shortcomings and the bane of religion based politics and deciding to start on a fresh neutral plane!
the first interview I did with him, Purohit did mention he worked with another party he did not want to name.
he need not have told me that had he wanted to hide that. if it is left out of the website, maybe it is only because they no longer believe in it. people change. beliefs change.
omission need not always mean hiding, maybe they just don't think its relevant to the party's present broad based development-centric ideology.
we from the press did talk to them about a whole lot of issues and they said that there is never an answer that will hold good forever, answers will change with the context, situation and times and the decision has to be taken keeping in mind public good.

Tony Stanley said...

May be you are true or may be you can be wrong...

Even after other parties coming to power we couldn't achieve great strides....

We shall Just give them a chance and see whether your claims are true...

Because we Indians have become a lot immune to the political bashings...

Sandy said...

good research

majesticpalms said...

No wonder they didnt reply my email.When I heard abt the party I jumped out of joy and discussed with my fiancee and we both decided to join the party.We two really were thinking of doing something realistic to our Mother India.I wrote a detail mail to them and mentioned that I dont want to be in any caste based parties or any religious idealogy party.
They never replied!!
That was a good research mr.chella.
Periyar might be an atheist which I dont like but he has shown the way for the true freedom for 80% of Indians living in slavery.North India should learn from periyar.

Venky Sankaran said...

Chella Durai - you certainly belong to the brahmin-bashing community founded by your so called 'thanthai' periyar (I wonder how one can call someone else as one's 'father'). Here I am inclinded to repeat my comment that I posted on cnn-ibn on periyar. This guy periyar bragged about brahminical high handedness, social inequalities, freedom for women, had himself projected as a messiah of social reforms whilist he himself danced nude in a cult gathering in Germany, married an 18 year old kid when he was 80+ and dying. And we now have that guy's ardent disciple in the name of M.Karunanidhi who opposes anything that is 'Hindu'in the name of being rational while latching himself onto his yellow shawl for superstitious beliefs.

Nitin G. K. said...

check this site man. and may be, if you are open enough to accept other ideas, you may find answers to your own deep rooted questions.

Man, reservation(on caste basis) is not the key to true secularism. Two wrongs, donot make a right.

Anti Corruption said...

Hi Shri Chella Durai,
Greetings. It is very unfortunate to see IITs split up citing communal evidences. Just to correct few points, The quote you had mentioned from Bhagavad Gita is not to any community. This is universal and the Lord himself stated clearly that Brahminism is not based on birth. If someone has doubt on this, they perfectly misunderstood the Gita. I heard from some other blog that the current dk parties might be involved in creating this split to ensure IIT folks dont getinto politics so easily. So there are two prong stories here. So, dont just conclude anything without digging deeper. I support that IIT party should be non-communal based and should be for people and society.

senthil sabanayagam said...

I am glad soemone has comeout to expose this snotty party. I had heard about how they were operating especially in the polls in chennai where they spent all the effort on the party candidates in Mylapore who was a brahmin and ignored other conestants. Also how they had asked about castes of all the contestants. How is this any different from any party? There is this popular misconception that higher education naturally makes better leader. Some of the worlds dirtiest dictators have been very well educated. It takes compassion and understanding of the comman man without being guided by moral hgh handedness to be a good leader. Jut because one gaduates from IIT doesnt mean anything.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Chella Durai,

Please wake up my friend. TN politics tops the nation today..IMHO worser than Bihar.

The state is being sold by the so called Dravidian parties..who don't know their true roots.

You look like an intellectual in your profile photo ( atleast) Come on live a life! Use your brains.!! Think and act. Don't go blindly behind any party or oppose any party!

Brahmin / Hindu / Periyar card won't work for long! Live in the present!

I believe in equality, I condemn the atrocities that are/were committed by any one religious group/sect against others. That applies to all the anti-brahminism that is happening now. ( Laugh - Our CM has a brahmin wife..!! )

That said, I find it sad to read "Nonsense"!

We need a good party to take TN upto to the Glory days. Could it be you? Could it be a good political party...If it.!!

Look forward to more from you.!

Using Common Sense said...

Guys dont waste time. Based on my few interactions what i found is either this guy is brought up with hatred towards Brahmins or he is victimized by some Brahmin. He is more concerned about proving his English proficiency to others and especially against Brahmins. He wants to prove them that he is no inferior to them. Fair enough. But in the process his thought process is blocked with hatred towards Brahmins. So you are better off arguing with someone else.

chella said...

1. You can call me anything. But you must know that just saying some facts itself creates enough outcries. I understand and I accept that you all have the right to express yourself in the webmedia and i am thankful for each one of you. If you ask me me one thing.. what is your goal .. then I will say boldly "MY FREEDOM" and also "YOUR FREEDOM" to express your views. So I may differ but wont expect you take my views as yours. We are all in a journey, that too a two way journey. When you progress in the opposite direction I may look like an idiot going back wards. All about taking our directions in life. Whatelse can I say?! - With love Chella

Raghav said...

in a nutshell...

GS said...

You look like the kind of guy who will come up in support of the proposed quota implementation saying it improves the quality of education!!

You even need google ad sense here? Are you here to make pennies or are you here for a cause?

You are entitled to your opinion, but who knows your hidden agenda? you might be a dalit or worse a dalit-convert christian.. who's been brought up with hatred towards..

Bombayite said...

Why do you start a Political Party?? I'm sure you'll be able to bring happiness to the State..

sonline said...

Well study, reveals many truth in to clear picture about LP party. I dont have any second thought
about the LP are just the extension of rss/bjp with hindutva ideology. Thanmay didnt give straight
answers to any of the questions asked, instead he offended back. which clearly shows that he is
hiding the truth which known to anyone now. In general brahmins are very bad dominant forces in our
country. They will take advantage of other's weakness and try to rule them, sitting on their head and commanding them. This is very very bad and rude behavior. Especially they are the one who took advantantage of caste system in India from the
back and encouraged it in olden days and in british ruling period. The result of which is what
India is facing badly now. I dont say every one are bad, there are some good guys among brahmins.

The reason why I am against the brahmins is only based on my personal experience with brahmins so
far. I do not know much about preriyaar or the root of dravidan morals. I do not even bothered about
those. But I have learnt from my personal experience about brahmins. They are the bad poisons for
our developing Indian society. Why I am mentioning bad poison is there some poison, which is for
good cause.

I have been working in the IT field for the past 8 years; I have met so many brahmins, almost all
of them are very bad in nature. When one brahmin meet another brahmin, they will form a group and
they will maintain distance with others and try to dominate them nicely and silently by touching
others weakness in such a way that others should feel bad about their capabilities and goodness.
Then they expect others want to praise them as if praying the god.

This is what happening in temples. But unfortunately this is happening in this modern, hi tech society

Being in this changing trend world they are also altering themselves to be as the dominant force in
our country. I agree that they are intelligent, but it doesn't mean that others are not intelligent
& talented and they can dominate others. They won't like when two persons are very good to each
other(as friends), they intrude in between create a problem, tell something about one guy to other
and one thing to this guy which will break their good relationship. Then they sit on their head and
pretend to give a solution to them. If this is not possible they catch bosses or managers and put
"jalra" to them and create bad reputation about us. This is nothing but divide and rule.

Guys! This is not only happening in our public society but also in working professional
environment. I am working in US for one of the biggest Indian company; the worst part is I am
seeing this same kind of mentality among brahmins here also. Here in US in my previous project I
have seen this. Being in US I am wondering how this peoples having this kind of cheap mentality in
this well structured work culture. My god! What they have learnt from being and working this best work
culture. Nothing! They came with the same dominant mentality to US. Unfortunate! Very unfortunate!

I am not saying this by just reading some news or by listening somebody, this is my true

If you are offending with me straightaway without accepting any points, you should be a brahmin.

If not, Guys! Wake up; these are the true faces of brahmins. I don’t think they will change their attitude
50 years downtheroad from now.

If you like to comment on this, you can post in this blog or you can reach me @


ass said...

hi sudakar,

hi man i am too a non brahmin . yes man , even i too had some bad experiences with brahmins , but i agree there are some good brahmins as well . well in the college i study , they tend to group together and think that they are very intelligent and are very snobbish .

but i find it very surprising that such events happen even in america . r u really serious ? i just dont beleive it that such things happen in america.

the ghost .

sonline said...

hi the ghost,
yes, It happens. they do only with Indians at the same time they bow infront of foreigners for the reward and money. If they do, they know that they wont get food !


MadHat said...

No one ( except me ) supected it seems... about their communal nature

After I went to their site for the first time and saw their logo and their rig veda quotes, I did not look further. I knew it was just another bunch of hindutva-spinners. It kinda of hits you in the face. If people did not see it, then they were really blind as hell...

And anybody who knew Bharath even slightly in K, knew what he stood for.

Using Common Sense said...

Sudhakar and Ass(What a name),

You guys sound like kids. Grow up guys. How long have you been trying to find a reason for your failures. Anyway you have atlast found the reason. Brahmins? Please do a soul searching for your failures.

If you perform 100% you will get 100% results. If you perform 80% you will only get 80% results. The problem is you perform 80% and expect 100% results. If you dont get, you find fault on others. The best target is the performers. And in your case it happened to be some Brahmins.

These kind of reasons might increase the rating of this blogger. It will not change your attitude. So for each of your failure, you are going to find some scapegoats. Think hard for your failures and correct it. Its high time.

Using Common Sense said...

Sudhakar and Ass(What a name),

You guys sound like kids. Grow up guys. How long have you been trying to find a reason for your failures. Anyway you have atlast found the reason. Brahmins? Please do a soul searching for your failures.

If you perform 100% you will get 100% results. If you perform 80% you will only get 80% results. The problem is you perform 80% and expect 100% results. If you dont get, you find fault on others. The best target is the performers. And in your case it happened to be some Brahmins.

These kind of reasons might increase the rating of this blogger. It will not change your attitude. So for each of your failure, you are going to find some scapegoats. Think hard for your failures and correct it. Its high time.

ass said...

dude common sense

u didnt get my point . i am not blaming anybody for my failures.

myself and sudhakar are just sharing our experiences . u can ask any non brahmin and he will tell u abt brahmins(f***ing twits) .

and by the way i am studied in i.i.t and i am working in fortune 500 company in saudi . so dont lecture me abt failures.

i am sure ur a brahmin(common sense) . dude go get a life and worry abt ur mother's or sisters name , not my blog id.

the ghost

please dont sensor this chella durai .this will be my last comment using obscene comments.i swear.

sonline said...

Using Common sense,

My dear fellow Indian, I think you are using only little bit of your common sense. for your kind
information, I am not a kid, have you ever saw kids talking these types of issues...

Moreover why are you deviating from the subject and so much concerned about the blogger rating??

..hum. hum...I did all kind of soul study, but it ends up in the same place. I didn’t say anything
about performance. All are equal performers in the job/work place. ((And don’t try to claim that
brahmins are the only performers.))
The problem is they are not maintaining the equality, they have dominant mindset. I am always ready
to accept my failures and correct it.

When you talk about 80%&100%, 80% are not always permanent to somebody, it can be improved to 100%.
If you say brahmins are 100% performers, why there is no considerable amount of great achievements
in India even after the freedom? Why there is not even a single Olympics gold medal after 1980?
Why there is no noble prize after 1998? Because they can only talk, they can’t do anything for the

It can be achieved by the common Indian, there are plenty of talents, skills and potential in the
common man. Problem is he is not realizing it. First of all he should be given a chance.

priyums said...

If you think Lok parithran is wrong in believing is something and being fanatic - from your blog one can decide that you are one too. BTW in expsosing exposed your true colors.

There is some word called Sama Dharshan- that is what we need in life and for getting into politics..

I do not like the ideology of Lok paritran. But at least they did something - not just criticize.

If hindutva is wrong...Periyar also believed in something that is also wrong..according to me.

If you really want to create a sensation do something and appreciate good things..Dont waste time thinking about the bad..This is one such thing..!

Vijay said...

Can this blog be any more intellectually stunted? Chella, grow up man.

Their choice of name or logo doesn't prove a thing. The logo of the american Republican Party is an elephant. Does that mean that they are more pro-Africa or pro-India compared to their opposition? Can't a party take a line from a Veda for it's website, without being labelled communal?

Don't jump to conclusions. Give us hard facts before you accuse them.

You said:
"I already told in the blog about their quote in Rigveda and the symbol of axe ( Lord Parasuram's Weapon .. he is the protector of Brahmins! So do these Brahmins want to finish the Kshatriya's...?"

They dare to make tough choices for their party. Hopefully, they'l dare to make tough decisions in politics as well. The axe is meant to symbolise that, and not any brahmin-protecting! Is the axe defined as Parasuram's weapon? No. Parasuram's weapon happens to be an axe.

You said:
"When I talked about dravidian ideology and Periyar EVR, one fellow called him ass, then I lost my cool and shouted back at them and the heat become uncontrolable and so I left on knowing that they are going to ban me without answering even one of my doubts."

I can't speak for the other chap, but thanks for letting us know in advance what kind of a person you are.

You said: "When I was deep searching in the web ... I found a shocking link that exposed him as a hindutva fanatic ..."

Giving a speech about pseudo-secularism or communalism does not make one a fundamentalist. Do you have a transcript of that speech? I would like to see it before I decide that he's indeed a fundamentalist. Advani had said that Jinnah's speech was secular. People conveniently transformed that into, "'Jinnah was secular' says Advani". I am not about to fall into that trap.

You said: "I never mind if it was said so in their party Ideology"

The man doesn't define the party. The party is a team, where differences of opinion are inevitable, as in any other team.

You said: "I am going to show many media links... have they said their Hindutva Centric Ideology anywhere?... in all the posts have they ever told that Hindutva Ideology is their Ideology? "

Well, that's all the more reason to give LP the benefit of the doubt.

You said: "He said they are against reservation and their policy will be updated soon in their site. I asked why it is not posted in the site clearly? He could not give a valid reply!"

C'mon man! You are accusing them of fundamentalism or of not having an updated website? Which political party has an upto date website in India?

You said: " online friend ... told me "I think this Tanmay Raj Purohit might be inspired by both Savarkar and Subhash Chandra Bose!". WoW. Forward Bloc and Hindutva. Why not Nazi's? ... my Rajasthan activist told me that there was a plan of NAZI SWASTHIK symbol in their Lok Parithran FLAG."

Your friends told you this stuff? What reason do I have to trust your "friends"? My advice to you is don't be swayed by your friends.
You have a Rajasthan activist? What kind of activism are you involved in, man?
And, the Swastika was originally Indian. The Nazis borrowed it. (Just as they borrowed the word Aryan. The sanskrit word for noble has been corrupted by a mad German to mean people of a particular race.) In India, the swastika is not considered a Nazi symbol at all.

You said:" (quoting the national treasurer of the party, Chandrashekar S Raj): 'I said “great traditions”, and if you think that the traditions you are referring to (discriminating against women and lower castes), has anything to do with greatness then …... is there anything more to say?'"

You are contradicting yourself. Read your own blog!

The rest of your blog seems to be aimed at simply adding words, like a high-school student puffing up a project to get more marks for a larger report.

Your post is full of holes. My advice to you is: Next time, do your homework, get some hard facts and keep quiet when you aren't sure. The post is so pathetic, I hope there won't be a next time.

sonline said...

Using Common sense,

I didn’t say anything about performance. All are equal performers in the job/work place. The
problem is they are not maintaining the equality, they have dominant mindset. I am always ready to
accept my failures and correct it.

When you talk about 80%&100%, 80% are not always permanent to somebody, it can be improved to 100%.
If you say brahmins are 100% performers, why there is no considerable amount of great achievements
in India even after the freedom? Why there is not even a single Olympics gold medal after 1980?
Why there is no noble prize after 1998? Because they can only talk, they can’t do anything for the

It can be achieved by the common Indian, there are plenty of talents, skills and potential in the
common man. Problem is he is not realizing it. First of all he should be given a chance.

chella said...

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind!!!

Venks said...

Was just about to post a comment saying wat a load of crap your posting was and how it is the perfect example of making wrong deductions from a given set of facts, when I chanced upon the other comments which say the same thing.

Dude, the bottomline is this..we need to progress, no matter how it comes or who brings it, we need to go forward.
If this is an opinion you share you should go along and help all those who attempt to improve the country.

Its people like you who stunt our growth and propogate divisive politics. Have you done anything half as worhtwhile as these kids who put their lives where their mouths were.

If you had the time to quiz the kids on their idealogies and ridicule their website, why didnt you try to contribute by saying let me take this up and make sure it reflects the right information.
Neways bottomline is folks let us all contribute instead of ridiculing or belittling anythign else, before we do anything i want to ask myself is this useful. i feel this comment is!!if u dotn yank it off!!

Surya said...

Great job challa.

We need more exposers like you in US, white people think hinduism is a peaceful religion but the fact is they also murder small innocent children of Grahm Steins

Kurma said...

Great work

OSAI Chella said...

//Venks: Dude, the bottomline is this..we need to progress, no matter how it comes or who brings it, we need to go forward.//
Ha ha.. need robin hoods ? All harry potter fans are flocking my blog! Oh sorry no comics here!

Varun said...

Chella , you were right..

Now after these fights and allegations on tanmay rajpurohit and his elder brother chandrashekahr , we have realised that you were its our duty to spread the word so that these thugs will not be able to cheat anyother innocent in name of IIT , nation , and all sweet words..

OSAI Chella said...

I am shocked to read the links provided by Mr Varun.. Chella

The content of the link...

Other side of story, on May 15th, 2008 at 9:51 pm Said:

Dear Members, our supporters and all of you who have voted for our candidates in the polls on May 10th….

The founders of Lok Paritran, who form the National Committee, held a PressConference on Monday and made allegations on Mr. B.T.Naganna. Almost all the newspapers have carried the details of this press note in their editions on Tuesday and the same has also been put up on the website of the party.

Mr. B.T.Naganna was our State President until he was removed from the post yesterday as per the announcement in the Press Conference. He was also our candidate from KRPuram constituency.

*All the allegations made by the National committee are baseless and totally false.
*We are now in the process of filing our case on the founders for defamation and damages. The details will be made available to all of you as soon as we actually file the case in the court of law.

The charge that Mr. Naganna attacked Tanmay is also false - in fact, Tanmay and his team organised a pre-meditated attack on Naganna at around 9.30pm on the 10th evening, after we all dispersed from the Press Club around 8.30pm.

The reason for the attack on Naganna is extremely shocking and shameful - but we want all our people to know the truth, however bitter it may be….

About 10 days ago, when all our candidates had started their Election campaigns in full earnest, the National General Secretary, Tanmay Rajpurohit, asked two of our candidates to adjust about Rs. 6 lakhs to 7 lakhs of expenses on behalf of candidates from one of the largest National political party. Both our candidates refused to do so.

Tanmay’s reasoning for this was that as none of our candidates were going to show more than Rs. 2 lakhs as the poll expenses, this would be very `helpful’ to our party.

This matter was discussed between a few select members and other candidates and was decided that we would refuse to do this `adjustment’ and that the National committee would be confronted with this issue immediately after the polling.

Tanmay and their team were also pressurizing our (ex) State Treasurer - Mr. Shashidhar Alabur, to submit the State unit’s accounts on the 5th of May itself. He said it would not be possible because of lack of time and when he demanded to see the accounts of the National unit, his request was refused by Tanmay saying that he had no right to scrutinize their accounts.

Thereafter, on the night of May 5th, around 1am, Tanmay and his team along with about 15 others came in 3 vehicles to his house and started banging on the gate of his house. Fearing that some untoward incident may happen, he did not venture out and called the police. Tanmay and his team left the premises before the police arrived. However, a formal complaint was not lodged as this could be extremely embarrassing for our candidates if this news leaked out to the press while the actual polling date was just 5 days away.

All candidates and core members were supposed to meet in the party office at 6pm on 10th evening after the polling concluded and take the National team to task on the above and many other such matters like a) they never joined any candidates’ campaigns even though they had supposedly more than 15 party members who had come down from Delhi/Rajasthan to help the candidates, b) there was absolutely no help in terms of funds for the State unit or the candidates, c) they were creating more problems for the candidates than helping them out by calling them for meetings at odd hours and places etc.

However, because of a bogus voting issue in one booth of one of our candidates, we all had to rush to the Chief Election Commissioner’s office where we joined the press conference in progress and then lodged our formal complaint on the bogus voting problem. Thereafter, all of us present had various discussions with the media and then dispersed around 8.30pm. A few minutes after Naganna left, Tanmay called him on his mobile and told him they wanted to have a personal discussion with him and agreed to meet near TGI Friday on Airport Road. All of them met for some time and Chandrashekhar, the National President, then asked Naganna to instruct all the candidates to ‘adjust’ Rs. 5 lakhs to 7 lakhs for another party’s candidates in our poll expenses. Naganna refused to do so and walked away.
Just as he got into his van, 4 men dressed in black, wearing black helmets with dark visors attacked him from both sides. A baseball bat was shoved in from one window which bruised Naganna in the face - but he was quick to grab the bat, get out from the other side and chase one of them with the bat. In the skirmish that followed, Naganna sustained injuries on his hands and legs also - but the thugs managed to escape in an old blue Maruti van. Tanmay & co were spotted watching all this and then they rushed to get into an auto and vanish.

When we all joined forces in the morning on Sunday and went to the Police Station to lodge a complaint, we found Tanmay & co also in the same Police station lodging a complaint on us ! Thereafter, we discovered that they had also lodged another complaint in another Police station on the events of the previous night claiming that Naganna had attacked Tanmay. And on Monday we got the news that they had conducted a press conference where they accused Naganna of various things and that the State committee has been dissolved.

In view of all these events, many statements made by Tanmay and Chandrashekhar, during the last so many meetings and even just before the nominations were filed, assume a different significance now. Remarks like ‘it is very easy to get money during elections’, ‘just pay 5000 for the nomination deposit and the rest will automatically come to you’, ‘adjusting 5 or 10 lakhs (rupees) is not a big thing during elections’ etc. etc. The fact that during the Elections in Gujarat, while the campaigns were in full swing in Gujarat, the whole team flew in from Ahmedabad to Bangalore for 2 days just to meet us and were found having a party at the Leela Palace !

May be this was due to some ‘adjustment’ ?

It is now quite obvious to us that these founders of Lok Paritran have always had these intentions of making money during the elections as the primary purpose and all that ideology etc is just eyewash.
We always felt, that, even though the founders had a horrible dress sense, were quite often rude and rough with members - we felt this was due to immaturity and that they would learn in the course of time - but we never doubted their integrity and morals. Alas, we have been proved wrong.
However, every single active member of our Bangalore unit as well as all the candidates (except Nalin Jain who contested from Gandhinagar constituency, who happens to be Tanmay’s close associate) have expressed their solidarity with Naganna and the state committee. Those of you who know us personally or have met us will know who is speaking the truth.

*We assure you all that all of us in the State committee, District committee and all the 10 candidates have been true to the ideology of Lok Paritran, are non-corrupt, are transparent in our actions and accountable for our actions totally - and will continue to be so.

* Some other facts that you all should be aware of :
Tanmay and Chandrashekhar are own brothers - but Chandrashekhar never writes Rajpurohit after his name (probably to hide this fact)
Dheeraj Kumar who is on the national committee is a cousin of Tanmay.
Santanagopalan and Srikant Chakravarti - who are also on the National committee are cousins of Tanmay.
So, the national committee is a family affair now.
(That is transparency for all of us !)

The three or four of the other founders who were with Tanmay when the party was founded have all left (or were forced to leave).

None of the National team answers their phones on Tuesday !!! (Seriously, we are not joking) - they did not want any of the candidates to file their nominations on Tuesday this time in Bangalore - but some did anyway. (May be they don’t teach about superstitions in IIT ?)

*What next for all of us and Lok Paritran ? *
We have decided to wait till the announcement of the poll results on May 25th before taking a final decision.
We feel this is not the end of it as the National committee has some more dirty tricks in their bag and will try and do some more damage to us in the next 10-15 days - but we will show them that they cannot get away with it anymore.

Many many sincere thanks to all of you who have supported us in our endeavors and efforts in these last 2 years. We will continue to strive for good governance and removal of corruption - and we hope your support is there for us too….

By the (ex) State Committee, (ex) District committee and our 10 candidates.
JaiHind, on May 16th, 2008 at 1:31 pm Said:

This is very unfortunate but people across the country are very happy that LP’s (Looser Party) president Chandrashekar, GS Tanmay and Shantagopalan finally got bitten in karnataka. leagal advisor Srikant Chakravarti managed to disappear with the 4 gundas hired for Naganna. This was suppose to happen in Lucnow or Mumbai but they managed to escape.

Now see who is with LP

Tamilnadu - No one. LP’s founder misbehave with them and they all are in the process of merging with BPD (Bharat punarnirman dal).

Andharapradesh - No One. They are already with BPD.

Karnataka - Only one and that is Nalin Jain. I don’t think people of karnataka will give any value to a Rajsthani.

Delhi - Sharma was taking care of Delhi unit but LP’s founders abused him and he left the party with Delhi unit.

Gujrat - No one. Molik Bhatt (LP Candidate from Maninagar) got bitten by LP’s founders and he is no more with LP.

UP - None. Two Candidates fought Assembly election under lok paritran banner but now athey are not with LP but BPD. They are finished in UP.

Maharastra - All joined BPD. No base at all for LP.

Finally, all are happy with the news that LP founders got bitten badly in Karnataka and in the process of forming another group or joining with BPD.

List of members in Lok Paritran
1. Chandrashekar Rajpurohit – President
2. Tanmay Rajpurohit – General Secretary.
3. Shantagopalan – No post. Can say Spoon of above two.
4. Shrikant Chakravarthy – Leagal advisor.
5. Nalin Jain – Another Spoon who contested Karnataka assembly election.

All the best to LP. Please think twice before joining Looser Party (LP).

Jai Hind

OSAI Chella said...

Another story from an ex LP candidate... ( similar scenario happened in Tamilnadu too.. the person who got 30000 votes in the election left Purohit!... read the story below-- chella

Cdr. (REtd) BB KHIlari, on May 19th, 2008 at 10:34 pm Said:

Dear all,
Greetings! I am Cdr. (Retd) BB Khilari from Bangalore, who has contested the Assembly elections from Lok Paritran and awaiting results on 25 May 08. At the outset, I would like to inform you in right earnestness that you all are being totally ill-informed and mis-guided about Karnataka LP party by Tanmay Raj Purohit and his brother Chandrashekhar through LP website.

You all may be surprised to know that if at all LP party noticeably exists in the country, it is the Karnataka unit, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Mr. BT Naganna, the erstwhile State President and Mr. Shashidhar Alabur, the Treasurer, who have been sweating it out for over two and a quarter years to spread the message of LP, without any recognisable support from the so-called National Committee of LP headed by the two brothers mentioned above.

I only joined about six months ago, highly impressed by the ideology and vision portrayed by the party, and contributed my bit in its growth. However, you shall all be surprised to know that none of the National Committee members have helped any of the 11 candidates in the campaigning process even on a single day. Instead they were busy contacting the candidates one by one to adjust the poll expenses of Congress candidates into their accounts as the maximum expenditure of LP candidates was around 2 to 2.5 lakhs against the CEC allowed limit of 10 lakhs. The basic aim seems to have been to convert black money of the Congress candidates into white for their own self-aggrandisement.

When I got the wind of this and when Tanmay Purohit and Chandrashekhar wanted to visit me alone at my residence, I refused and asked them to arrange a formal meeting at the party Hqs. Since none of the candidates, except perhaps, one, Nalin Jain, presumably their relative, and an unfit LP candidate projected by the National team, agreed to their nefarious demands, on 10th May, they invited Mr. Naganna, for a personal discussion at about 8.45 pm. and after the discussions, where in Mr. Naganna refused to influence any of the candidates accounts or make adjustments in the State accounts, and when Mr. Naganna was about to leave by his car he was attacked by three masked men from a car immediately behind his car with sticks and base ball bats. Naganna somehow managed to chase them away and went home and informed Mr. Shashidhar and others of the party (I have a message received at about 10.21 pm stating Naganna attacked by Tanmay and gang, be careful, saved in my mobile). The conspirators then went and lodged a complaint with police that Naganna had attacked them. However, Mr. Naganna, keepiung in mind, the reputation of the party had discussion with many a party members and candidates next morning and filed a complaint of assault in the evening.

In the mean time on that day Chandrashekhar and Tanmay addressed a press conference ( all pre-planned, as you have to book in advance) to state that Mr. Naganna has been dismissed and the State unit of Lp has been dissolved, by slapping totally false and baseless charges against Naganna, an act which is also utterly illegal as no prior notice had been issued nor the National council meeting had been convened to take such a decision. Surprisingly, yesterday, when the state committee was holding its meeting from 1600 hours and extended upto 2000 hours Mr. Nalin Jain, in collusion with Tanmay and Chandrashekhar, lodged a complaint in a remote police station at about 1830 hours that Mr. Naganna, Mr. Shashidhar and Mr. Anuj Mishra, a candidate, along with 10 heavily armed goondas attacked him at his office and demanded Rs. six lakhs and to withdraw the complaint lodged by Tanmay against Naganna. I, along with others went to the Police station today and have told the Inspector that this complaint was absolutely false as all the 3 members accused were in a meeting with us the previous day at the alleged time of attack.

The police have also confirmed that no one visited Nalin Jain’s office as alleged and are taking suitable action. I would like to inform you people that 10 candidates, including Naganna and myself, who contested the elections really sweated it out against corruption, in-efficiency and in-competency in governance and apathy of the administrative machinery towards citizens’ problems with un-imaginable sincerity and dedication and that too in our pre-decided limited budgets, which was appreciated alround. The acts of the National committee of LP came as a surprising blow to all of us and has done considerable damage in the eyes of the public. We have learnt with fgeat pains that these conspirators and the so called founders of LP have done similar acts in Tamil Nadu, UP, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Gujrat and have not promoted the cause for LP’s growth , but were mis-guiding every one , including those who are funding from abroad.

Please convey this trurth to all those who you know and expose these mis-guided youths, who are younger to my children, and help me in pursuing my fight against corruption which is the original aim of this party.

My E-mail ID is and you can contact me on 09342689574. Let us all together build a good society and a good governance.

Warm Regards,
Cdr. (REtd) BB KHIlari,

Varun said...

Hello Everyone,

I have been closely observing this.

For those who don’t know, I was part of core team LP Karnataka and then moved to Pune, and after the split, joined BPD.
When Tanmay came to Pune, he was living in my house for 4-5 days and we had many long discussions.
so I can share my version of truth.

While working in Bangalore, I read a lot of comments[negative] about Tanmay on various blogs, regarding his fanatic hinduism.I completely ignored that.
We were closely working with Ajit Shukla, who was quite decent, logical, inspirational leader. I personally assumed that Tanmay would be falling on the same grounds. when I met Tanmay, the picture was totally different.

1. The first impression about him is always - arrogant, rude.
2. He would refuse to answer any question saying that you have no right to ask anything as we have done so much sacrifice.
3. He does not make effective use of time, I would rush to the meeting, leaving aside all imp office work and after spending 4-5 hours in discussion, I would realise that I have not got anything. Tanmay would be just playing around words and reciting some shlokas of Neetishatak.
4. Tanmay always wanted to establish his own military which he has openly shared with me and many others. his idea was to take 200 youngsters to a farm and train them for 6 months and use them for whatever gundaism he wants to spread. and the same reflects in the photograph. he even has planned further details like uniforms etc..
5. for the above reason, he did not want any women in his party and refused to acknowledge me and my commitment. I am writing this very carefully and I know what I am saying. but this is the truth.
6. now the important question - money.. How would you arrange the funds? Tanmay would either avoid this question saying- paisa to aa jata hai. But I have witnessed him professing corruption and election adjustments. the reason he gave was, if you want to bring in a big change, you must do these small adjustments. But he would never explain what this big change is all about.
7. After observing all this, I could not any more continue under his leadership, and natuarally joined BPD.
8. Nobody expelled Ajit Shukla, Ajit himself went out and formed a new party, because he could foresee natural death to this party due to Tanmay’s behaviour.

I found Tanmay to be hypocritic, as does not come up clean with his ideologies and stands. his ideology documents are vague and superficial. On the same ground, he never promised us corruption- free, efficient government, its our interpretation of it.
people like you and me, who are honest and patriotic, derived this fact that some “IITians” coming up with such a stand must be honest and transparent. so its the problem of wrong expectation.
who pays them, its people like me who are saving a share of their earnings for a noble cause.

Geeta Gokhale

Varun said...

you were so right Chella !

They are just cunning thugs who have used IIT degree as mask to deceive young people and make money.

Spread the work and expose them all over Chennai so that no one will be fooled by them.

we all supported them with our hard earned money an thought they will be better than our DMK ,MDMK , AIDMK and PMK...they are the worst.

Nip the problem in the bud otherwise they will do great damage to society in future.

Two years back I criticised your exposure and thought that just it is an ego clash and south north dispute which you are capitalising on..

I am sorry.You were right.and you are still right.

Nitin said...

well, I think we all need to come out of our shell of prejudice, before claiming to be neutral.

No one can be 100% wrong, no one can be 100% right. So an article claiming someone 100% wrong can never really be true.

Chella, it would be of more help to readers here if you can compare the acts of existing politicians and these new budding kids, without prejudice, and with facts.